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Founder of Delaware Events Brings Black Wall Street USA To Delaware This Summer

Delaware native, Keenan Jones, better known as Itachi Hokage will be bringing Black Wall Street to the Wilmington Public Library as his first act as the new Vice National Director of Black Wall Street USA IT Council.

Via his partnership with Black Facebook , Black Food Reviews and (all owned by Eric Harris) he was introduced to Antonio Navarro (National Director of Black Wall Street USA IT Council). After deciding to collaborate on a group together called EmpowerBlack for black owned businesses to promote themselves, have access to resources/services and more Itachi was then soon named into new role.

This isn't his first rodeo with large brands. Itachi Hokage is also co-founder of Mom Owned Businesses, which has amassed to over 92,000 members worldwide. In conjunction with that, he founded Delaware Events, now with over 22,400 members created during his #DropALink marketing campaign that reached millions on #Meta aka #Facebook. With platforms such as these he has created major events such as the Women Empowermemt Networking Event on March 23rd that will include the likes of Dr. Emily Letran, Lashyra Escobosa, Crystal Chinn, Dr. Rashae Barnes and other amazing women to help you step your business and network up to the next level.

Itachi's past events have even gained the audience of people like New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer who is currently running for governor of Delaware. Meyer came out during his paternal leave just to show support to the local vendors. Acts like these help create a culture where we all grow together.

With the Black Wall Street Business Expo they hope to generate exposure and sales for local businesses participating while learning how to further the sustainability of those businesses. The entire Black Wall Street USA IT Council Executive Team will be in attendance. Vending slots are $75 and you can register HERE!


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